As an artist, Peter Hart channels all of the emotions and natural resources in his surroundings. His art is an actualization of a state of being.

As a recognition pioneer, Peter spearheads the vision of integrating recognition as a definable, measurable process that makes an impact on employee engagement, retention and performance.


The Ennoblement Imperative: People Artistry at Work – Peter W. Hart

What is “People Artistry”?


Artists work with a multiple of mediums ranging from paint and musical instruments to song, dance and acting. In the workplace, we are in desperate need of a new type of artist – a People Artist. An artist who sees and connects with people at work to ensure they are the foreground and not the background of an organization.


People Artistry offers a personal and engaging approach to ensuring individuals and organizations successfully achieve results. A People Artist ennobles others with recognition, appreciation, and engagement. A People Artist elevates others through an approach of dignity, respect, and recognition.


It means bringing yourself fully to your work, extending yourself fully to others, and thereby bringing out the best in others and in the organization. It is a practice, an expression and a way of being that we can all develop.


Peter Hart says there are 10 practices to People Artistry. I believe that each of these practices make us better at our relationships and therefore better at our jobs. Each of us need to practice People Artistry in order for all of us to succeed.


Each week I will share one practice – and I would love your feedback on People Artistry and what benefits you see in yourself and your career by practicing these each week.


Leaders are not always the people in charge. Engaged leaders are the people who take charge by charging people up. – David Zinger, Zengage



Don’t pay attention, gift attention.


Attention is not something you have to pay for. It is a gift to others when you bring them into your relationship art.


Artists do not screen people out of their perception.


Look up from your screen, look up from what you are doing, and “look up” to the people you work with. Create a connected canvas of everyone in your organization or trade.


Imagine your artistry as a gift. Your words of appreciation are your brush strokes, your workplace your canvas, and each person you encounter as a special audience of one awaiting an expression of your artistry shared with them.


How can you use People Artistry in your daily routine? Can we all engage with our clients and with each other in a positive connected way each day?


Don’t pay attention – gift attention.


Let’s talk. Let’s share. Let’s succeed. 

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